Monday, January 3, 2011

Auld Lang Syne...

Hey there Blog peeps!! I know I have been away for a while (a Hwhile---Family Guy reference...ya know...). So much has been happening here that it has been hard to blog at all or really complete any projects. As I begin this new year I am wondering what this blog will evolve into...or perhaps it will fade out entirely...who knows. I do, however, have a bunch of projects that I would like to complete and I guess that I can share those as they happen. It was a VERY busy holiday season at our house with my Hubby turning 30 3 days before Christmas (and having a huge shindig) and his sister getting married on New Year's Eve (what a blast!!) that I was just exhausted. Too exhausted really to complete the usual Christmas hub-bub. Oh well! I am glad the "holiday" season is official over (and that the radio stations have gone back to their regularly scheduled programming....if I hear Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer ONE MORE TIME...)
Every year, like millions of Americans, I resolve a few things in the hopes to make the new year better than the last. This year is no exception. As I have been trolling my usually blogroll I have seen that everyone has been sharing there resolutions. So here are mine (with a little explanation)

(1) Be Content with what I have.

A pretty obvious one and the one I would have to put first. 2010 was a very hard year for the Hubs and I, and it started in the first week. On January 6th last year he was laid off from his job. A few months before that I had taken a new job close to home, but with a much smaller paycheck so when he got laid off we were FREAKIN' . BUT things have a way of working out and he went to work at the company that his father had started earlier in the year. It was good to be working but the pay wasn't steady and he had to stay away from home Monday -Thursday for just about the entire year. I only really got to see him on weekends. Being in our first year of marriage it was a SERIOUS challenge. Because of all this our house was in shambles because projects we had started we just didn't have the time to finish. I started to get really jealous of all of the people I know who had more things, and bigger things. This year I resolve to be happy being us and having what we have.
(2) Get healthy(er)

Again - and obvious, and often resolved, resolution. I kick started this resolution last year before the holiday by joining weight watchers and losing 20 pounds. Which I then proceeded to gain half off back during the Christmas cookie season. This time the Hubs and I are doing it together. He has some serious things in his life he wants to accomplish and they involve losing some serious weight and getting in shape. I will be there by his side. It can only do us both good.
(3) Give myself a break

The only person who really pushes me is me, and I can be a real task master!! I resolve this year to allow myself some down time. As well as time to enjoy my marriage, my pets, and my friends.
(4) Set a house cleaning schedule
Last year with the hubby working away from home all week - between working full time, taking care of two dogs and a cat, paying the bills, and general house maintenance - the house cleaning took a real hit. To the point where I didn't really want to have people over. I resolve to get on a schedule this year and have a day for every room. We jump started this by donating 15 (yes 15) bags and 2 boxes of clothes and housewares to charity before the year ended and now I feel like I can see my house again!!! YAY!!!
(5) Get more organized

I started this last year by setting up a home office space but then I packed the office with crap (which has since been donated - Huzzah!) so I didn't use the office at all since I couldn't get in there. But now I can and I am excited to use it.
(6) Push my self creatively

Being a novice graphic designer, I have been doing more graphic design work on the side with invitations and wedding decorations and my work has gone noticed by friends (and strangers alike) and I have been approached to do more work. I would LOVE to be challenged more and learn how to do more things of this nature and this year I plan too.

Well there you have it!!! The resolution list.
What are your resolutions?

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