About Me

I am a wife and mother of 3 "Fur" babies. Living in New England, working full time, and trying to make our little shack a home. I love to be creative and love to laugh at myself (and others :-)). Decided to start this blog because I know there have to be people out there who love the idea of DIY home decor but who just can't seem to get it right the first time. What is supposed to start off as a money saving home decoration becomes a "3 trips-to-the-store-and-probably-double-what-it-would-have-cost-to-buy-it" debacle. I mean - I can't be alone in this, right? I don't sew (although I own a sewing machine) and I just bought my first glue gun. I love pretty things and glitter, and I am determined to get better at this.
Falling Christmas Object Gadget